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I Dislike Highway Patrol

Posted by adeelsidd on July 26, 2006

Yea highway patrol suck.  I specifically say “highway patrol” rather then “cops” because local police officers actually have some decent people who help people or in traffic violations let them off with a warning.  But not HP… they’re just losers.

Anyways to help keep myself from having to converse with these losers, I finally invested in another radar detector today.  I have one, but I got it like 10 years ago so it’s obsolete and collecting dust.  I went with the Bel RX65 which is rated as one of the top 3; the Valentine 1 was just too expensive to consider getting.  I was considering getting my bel from radioshack.com because it had a sale price that was lower then anywhere else I saw, but i read a few complaints about online orders not being delivered in a timely fashion.  My decision not to buy from them was made more easy when I looked at their website today and the sale price (which it said would be until 8/31/06) was gone.

For anyone considering getting a radar so they never get another ticket again… don’t be fooled!  While they’re really helpful in most cases especially speed traps, they’re not fool-proof.  Sometimes cops hide somewhere with their radar off until they visually see a speeding car and that’s when they’ll turn their radar on and tag you.  Your detector will start going nuts but it’ll be too late to slow down.  Although once I was driving up north at night and that happened to me… there was another car going the same speed as me in the fast lane next to me.  My old junkie radar started beeping like crazy so I hit the brakes; the other guy kept going at the same speed and from the bushes in the median a cop flies out and pulls him over…. and innocent little me continued on my way.  (ironically that same car caught back up to me like 5 hrs later in a different state haha)

Should be coming in on Friday inshallah… can’t wait!


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This is the post number vun.

Posted by adeelsidd on July 24, 2006

i feel so cool… i have a blog. anyways just experimenting with a generic blog page to see if i want to venture into something more later on. If it’s not too difficult (cuz i don’t know much about computers and making an actual webpage), maybe i will. I’m lazy though so chances are I won’t 😀

In the meantime I leave you with one piece of advice… and that is to

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